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Become a Community Sponsor for Ram Recognition!

If your business will donate $100 or more in prizes to Ram Recognition, we will mention your business on our school page and our newsletter! Contact Monica Orr at

G.O’K. Ram Recognition Program


The Ram Recognition Program gives teachers, staff, and volunteers a way to reward students for positive behaviors. 

Ram Bucks may be earned for acting as a good role model, being respectful, using good manners, supporting others, and being attentive and ready to learn. We have two raffles each school year, one in December and one in May.  The prizes for our raffles are donated by individuals and by businesses in our community.    




Donations If you know a business who would like to support our awesome students, please contact Monica Orr at  Donated items and contributor information will be put on display, and we will recognize you/your business in our monthly newsletter sent to 650 families!

Donations to the Ram Recognition Program are tax deductible. 


Volunteer – The Ram Recognition Program is run completely by volunteers. Opportunities are available for you to help, whether you prefer to spend time at school or at home.



If you would like to volunteer or donate, please contact Monica Orr at



Ram Buck Menu 2016-17


2 Ram Bucks                                                        20 Ram Bucks

Ram Hand Stamp                                                Juice Bar Friday (offered in October,

Name mentioned on announcements                            December, February, and April)                                                                   


Ice Cream Sandwich Friday (offered in November,

January, and March)


3 Ram Bucks                                                       20 Ram Bucks 

Ram Pencil                                                        Ram Hair Ribbon

Ram Bookmark (pink or teal)                                   Tech Break (20 minutes)

Dum Dum Lollipop                                                Nurse Mann’s Assistant (20 minutes)

                                                                     Library Assistant (20 minutes)

5 Ram Bucks                                                     Front Office Assistant (20 minutes)

Rent-a-Georgia                                                   Ram Recognition Assistant (20 minutes)

Rent-a-Rocky                                                     Teacher Assistant (20 minutes)

Bring a stuffed animal for a day                               Coach Woody’s Assistant (20 minutes)

Read to a buddy                                                  Mr. Thomas’ Assistant (20 minutes)


8 Ram Bucks                                                      25 Ram Bucks

Help with announcements                                       Weepul

Wear a crown for a day                                        Class Bubble Time


10 Ram Bucks                                                

Treasure Chest Prize                                            30 Ram Bucks

Rockin’ Rams Wall of Fame Brick                              Mop Topper Pen/Stylus

Pajamas for a day                                               Ram 5-color highlighter

                                                                    Lunch with teacher/staff

15 Ram Bucks     

Ram Wristband                                                 40 Ram Bucks

Ram Charm                                                      Manicure (offered in October, February)                                       

Ram Button                                                      Read to a class Class Otter Pop Party


                                                                    50 Ram Bucks

                                                                    Bring-a-buddy Pizza Lunch (offered in November)

                                                                    Bring-a-buddy Hotdog Picnic (offered in April)           


                                                               60 Ram Bucks

                                                                  Bring-a-buddy Bingo Party (offered in January,March)

                                                            Teacher/Student Kickball Game (offered in March)