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Confidentiality and Informed Consent

Confidentiality is always maintained in both group and individual counseling sessions. There may be circumstances when it is necessary to release confidential information regarding a student. State ...more

GO'K Bullying Prevention Plan

Character Counts


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Valdez, Gina Counselor



Career Education

These last lessons in classroom counseling will focus on career education.  In the classroom, we explore different careers and play games related to careers.  The fourth and fifth graders learned about what type of jobs will be in demand in the year 2022.  We also played our own version of Jeopardy called Jobardy.  In the month of April, I will be going back into kindergarten and first grade to do career lessons.  Have you taken a look at the wall of pennants from the staff that they decorated with the colleges that they attended?  I have recently included a map of the United States, which highlights the different areas of the country where the staff attended college.  Take a look at it, it is in the hall across from Ms. Westlake’s and Ms. Gatterman’s rooms.

Conversations about school

Parent involvement does not always mean volunteering in the classroom.  It is just as important to stay involved by supporting their education at home.

“Let’s see what you brought home.”  Look at completed work to find out what your youngster is learning about and how well they are doing.  You could comment on what they are reading or about a report that is due.  Also, respond to notes from their teacher and sign their weekly folder or daily planner if required.  Parents should engage with their children and stay active and aware of what is going on at school.  This will make it a win-win situation for everyone.


What does Respect look like?

Your child’s daily dealings with adults and kids alike will be more pleasant if they speak and act respectfully.  Try this tip for helping them learn respect. 

Respectful Replies:  Think about something that you and your child disagree on and then model having a respectful discussion about it.  For example, maybe their video game time should be limited, so you could discuss that their brain and body are growing and that they need to run and play to stay healthy.  You could have your child think of appropriate and respectful responses.  Have your child brainstorm other situations where people have different opinions but still speak to each other with respect.  Teach your child that it is normal to have different opinions, but the key is to respect everyone’s point of view.

By Gina Valdez, M.A., NCC


Hello GOK Rockin’ Ram Families.  I am excited to announce the Leadership Patrol member for 2016-2017.  Leadership Patrol is made up of fifth grade students who help direct traffic in front of the school before and after school.  They are also responsible for picking up the recycling every Friday during first recess.  Since we started recycling, we have noticed the amount of paper waste has diminished.  Leadership Patrol helps our school out everyday.  Ms. Savignon, Coach Woody and I all facilitate Leadership Patrol this year.

Congratulations to:

Cara A., Aitana B. Madelyn B., Lily B., Lauren B., Macy C., Levent C., Kaylen C., Nevaeh G., Keye G., Wil G., Amya H., Grant H., Wyatt J., Bella L., Grace M., Jazmyne M., Sloane O., Mirabella P., Dane P., Victoria S., Carter S., Diego S., Shawn. W., Todd W., Arianna W., Tanner W., and Josephine W.


Here is a Home/School Connection:

Excellent Attendance is being in school every day so that your child won’t miss out on learning.  Try to schedule appointments and family trips outside of school hours.  If your child asks to stay home “just because,” remind them of what they’ll miss out on, such as their reading group or a PE class.  Explain that they can be absent only if they are sick, or if there is a family emergency.



My name is Gina Valdez, GO'K school counselor. I have been a school counselor for 15 years. I provide classroom guidance as well as small group counseling. I meet with students occasionally if they are having a rough day or just need a place to calm down. I am excited about this school year and all the positive lessons I will be teaching the students. Check back occasionally to see what is new.


Leadership Patrol Schedule

May 2017






GO'K is GREEN! ...

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