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SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer

You Can Help Our Library Thrive

...volunteer! Our library volunteers are wonderfully friendly and there's something for everyone to do in our library, from a one-time commitment in the evening to a regular weekly library shift.

...join Friends of the Library. Just stop by the Library to join or email the school at and request to have a membership form sent home with your student.  You can also find a form here

...make a donation to Friends of the Library. Donations made are tax-deductible.

...order an engraved dedication brick for the Outdoor Reading Area. To order, see our librarian, Ms. Huggins, or any Library Volunteer.

...donate a needed book to our collection. Ask Ms. Huggins to suggest a title.

Welcome to the Library

Library News



Spooky Story Night Pumpkin Contest


Enter your decorated pumpkin if you dare! Bring your finished pumpkin to turn in on Thursday, October 19th between 7:30-10:00 AM in front of the school.


Students must make/decorate their own pumpkins! With a sharpie, write your full name, grade level, teacher's name and the category number (Categories: #1 Spookiest, #2 Silliest, #3 Creative) that you are entering your pumpkin in on the bottom of your pumpkin where it is not visible. Be creative and have fun!


Each grade level, kinder-fifth grades will be judged separately in each of the three categories. The winners will be announced on Friday,  October 20th and awards will be given to the top three choices in each category for each grade level.


Please remember to take your pumpkins home Friday, October 20th after school or during spooky story night. Pumpkins that are not picked up will be discarded immediately after spooky story night.


Questions: email us at:




Spooky Story Night is quickly approaching and will be held Friday Oct. 20th! This is one of our school library's biggest events of the year and we need as many volunteers as possible to make this night a success! If you are interested and able to help with this event, please go to our sign-up genius site at:











Spooky Story Book Cover Winner!

Thomas M.   

5th Grade  Mrs. Griswold

2nd Grade:

3rd Place Illustration-           Isabella T.                    Mrs. Golden

3rd Place Story-                      Miles S.                        Mrs. Golden

2nd Place Illustration-           Juan S.                          Mrs. Widner

2nd Place Story-                     Sydney P.                      Mrs. Widner

1st Place Illustration-            Christian O.                   Mrs. Henry

1st Place Story-                        Lexi T.                           Mrs. Golden


3rd Grade:

3rd Place Illustration-             Leah J.                    Mrs. Anderson

3rd Place Story-                        Isabel B.                 Mrs. Zarrella

2nd Place Illustration-             Claire R.                 Mrs. Zarrella

2nd Place Story-                       Jonathon R.           Mrs. Letterhos

1st Place Illustration-              Ella H.                     Mrs. Anderson

1st Place Story-                        Leah J.                    Mrs. Anderson


4th Grade:

3rd Place Illustration-              Anna C.                  Mrs. Sherman

3rd Place Story-                         Alia H.                    Mrs. Valdez

2nd Place Illustration-              Alexis A.                Mrs. Maestas

2nd Place Story-                        Alex B.                   Mrs. Robinson

1st Place Illustration-               Samira N.              Mrs. Robinson

1st Place Story-                         Anagha D.             Mrs. Salas


5th Grade:

3rd Place Illustration-                Ian F.                      Mrs. Sandoval

3rd Place Story-                           Ian  F.                      Mrs. Sandoval

2nd Place Illustration-               Katya T.                   Mrs. Lowther

2nd Place Story -                        Theodore G.            Mrs. Lowther

1st Place Illustration-                Alijah S.                    Mrs. Young

1st Place Story-                          Katya T.                    Mrs. Lowther

Top: Cindy Hale, Addie Andrews (President), Annie Huggins, Susan Hewatt Bottom: 
Eva Jackson, Jen Ochenrider, Marin Chastain, Elaine Peabody Spooky_Story_Night-4.jpg Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter 026.JPG 028.JPG
Status area

Our awesome librarian Mrs. Huggins!

Our awesome librarian Mrs. Huggins!

Check It Out

Check-in and Check-out Information

Students and parents may check out books every day.

  • Kindergarten students may check out one book for one week.
  • First, second, and third graders may check out two books for one week.
  • Fourth and fifth graders may check out three books for one week.
  • To encourage at-home reading, parents may check out books under their own names. Parents who are Friends of the Library (FOL) members may check out up to 15 books for two weeks and parents who are not FOL members may check out up to 5 books for two weeks.


If you want to renew a book, you must bring the book to the circulation desk and ask a volunteer to renew it for you. If you do not bring in the book, the book cannot be renewed.

Reference Books

There’s a special rule for reference materials, which must be checked out after 2:00 pm and returned by 8:00 am the next day.

Overdue Books

Library privileges are suspended when a book is overdue.