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Book Club Information

We offer a range of Book Clubs to match every student's reading level and interests. Our Book Clubs are intended to encourage students to read for pleasure. Our Book Club "Halls of Fame" encourage students to explore contemporary and classic children's literature of the highest quality, both fiction and non-fiction, and allow students to experience the pride that comes from the accomplishment of a long-term goal. Books can be READ TO any age student in class or at home to count toward the clubs.  Testing occurs on a weekly basis in the library by our Book Club Tester volunteers.  Students will receive prizes for completing specific goals depending on the particular book club they have chosen.


Volunteer Opportunities!

We are so excited that volunteers will be able to help in the library during school hours this school year of 2021-22!  One of our volunteer opportunities is to be a Book Club Tester.  Each classroom has at least one adult volunteer (background checked) who comes to the library once a week to test students who have finished reading books from our various GO'K Library Book Clubs!  If you would like more information about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Carrie Jones, the Library Book Club Coordinator, at