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Contact Gina Montoya-valdez  Gina Montoya-valdez (505) 293-4259 ex: 5 Counselor
Office hours

7:45 am - 2:15 pm when school is in session


I provide classroom guidance as well as small group counseling. I meet with students occasionally if they are having a rough day or just need a place to calm down.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bullying Prevention

Character Counts

Leadership Patrol Schedule 


Red Ribbon Week

Thank you to everyone who made Red Ribbon Week Successful!

The class winners were as follows:

Crazy hat/hair day - Ms. Boddington & Ms. Gomez

Wear Red/Mustache Day - Ms. Gatterman, Ms. Raether, Ms. Widner, Ms. Golden, Ms. Salas & Ms. Young -- all with 100% participation!  Great job!!

Door Decorating Contest - Ms. Christian, Ms. Gatterman, Ms. Geha, Ms. Henry, Ms. Zarrella, Ms. Perea and Ms. Griswold

Spirit Day - Ms. Westlake & Ms. Robinson with a special shout out to all the kindergarten classes who were going on a field trip that day and all wore their spirit wear!  

Confidentiality & Informed Consent

Confidentiality is always maintained in both group and individual counseling sessions. There may be circumstances when it is necessary to release confidential information regarding a student.

State law requires that any suspicion or evidence of child abuse/neglect, elder abuse, or knowledge of a minor engaging in dangerous or illegal behavior be reported to the appropriate child protection agencies and/or legal authorities. Furthermore, if a student poses a serious danger to him/herself or is a substantial danger to others, any individual (including school personnel) with knowledge, evidence, or suspicion of said danger, is required by law to intervene.

The intervention may include informing family members, identified victims, and/or the proper authorities to provide for the safety of the student and others.

Leadership Patrol

I coordinate Leadership Patrol along with Coach Lopez and Ms. Savignon. The fifth graders that were chosen this year are:

Ms. Lowther’s class: Ava, Elaina, Saveena, Martha, Dylan, Austen, Harley, Ashley, Andrew, Prachi, Ella, Alexis, Gabriel, Kayleigh, and Ryan.

Ms. Gomez’s class: Lily, Elliot, Alanna, Olivia, Azlyn, Max, Molly, Kurisa, Sydney, and Ashton.

Ms. Young’s class: Diego, Mia, Anagha, Emma, Rhys, Kyra, Natalie, Spencer, Samira, and Ella.

Ms. Griswold’s class: Anna, Sydney, Amelia, Makayla, Sylvie, Peyton, Jorah, Nicole, Lauren, Alex, Malina, and Isabella.

Ms. Self’s class: Carissa, Sophia, Hanna and Andrew.

Congratulations to the fifth graders who are now members of Leadership Patrol!  Leadership Patrol members can check the monthly schedule posted on my office door or also using the link on the left column of this page.