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a Note from the GOK Health Office

Hello Ram Families... 

Sending a friendly reminder from the GOK Health Office that we are here and we want to offer you as much support as we can during these trying times of learning virtually and navigating the world as it is today. 

1. Please remember to contact School Nurse, Cristin Mann , or Principal, Jessica Owen if you or your student are COVID positive and in isolation and/or quarantine. The reasons for this are mostly so that we can support you and make sure we coordinate contactless materials distribution (delivery by hand or by mail) so you don't have to leave isolation/quarantine to come to the drive by pick-up. This is also so that I can do frequent check-ins with you to support your family with information and resources in light of the fact that due to overwhelming numbers of cases the NM Department of Health is no longer conducting daily follow-up calls to positive cases. And finally, the other reason is that if you have been on campus during the time of your illness or two days prior to your symptoms we will need to coordinate school closure and disinfecting. 


2. To parents and/or guardians: if your student has a health condition such as asthma, life threatening allergies, seizure disorder, diabetes, or other chronic conditions for which we may need medications on site when we return or for which I need to train their teachers to recognize during virtual class time please do send me their signed action plans (asthma and allergy), or Seizure Medical Management Plan, or provider's orders so that I can keep their charts updated and stay current with staff trainings! 


Thank you all! 

Cristin Mann, School Nurse and Blair Clayburgh, Health Assistant