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Next School Year Information
Posted 5/20/19

For those families who will be returning in August, school will begin on Monday, August 12th for students in grades 1-5; our new kindergartners will start on Wednesday, August 14th.  

Due to the number of families moving in and out of GOK over the summer, class lists may be revised up until the beginning of school.  I do not want to create anxiety for a student should he/she have to change classes at the beginning of the year.   For this reason, class lists will be posted on Wednesday, August 7th at 3:00 pm.  These lists will be posted on the windows in the foyer.  There will be no need to come into the office to ask about placement. 

On August 9th, from 1:00-2:00 pm, students in grades 1-5 can bring their school supplies and meet their teacher. 

Kindergartners will get to meet their teacher on August 12th along with complete some baseline assessments with their teacher.  Kindergarten teachers will contact parents the week of August 5th to schedule appointments on August 12th for this to occur.