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Spooky Story & Illustration Winners!
Posted 10/2/19

Congratulations to all the students who entered!  Following are the list of winners per grade for the 2019 Spooky Story Contest and the Spooky Illustration Contest!  We look forward to seeing you at Spooky Story Night on Friday, October 18!  


Spooky Illustration Contest Winners 2019


2ND Grade            

Audrey W. (Geha) – 3rd Place

Mia N. (Widner) – 2nd Place

Analee G. (Henry) – 1st Place


3RD Grade             

Olivia Z. (Trahan) -3rd Place

Sabine D. (Trahan) – 2nd Place

Julian O. (Zarrella) - 1st Place


4TH Grade          

Natalie F. (Hughes) – 3rd Place

Isabella T. (Robinson) – 2nd Place

Cristian O. (Hughes) – 1st Place


5TH Grade

Yasmine S. (Self) – 3rd Place

Rihanna B. (Griswold) – 2nd Place

Madeline W. (Griswold) – 1st Place




Spooky Story Contest Winners 2019


2ND Grade            

Rachel D. (Geha) - 3rd Place

Libby K. (Fletcher) - 2nd Place

Valentina T. (Golden)1st Place


3RD Grade             

Vincent C. (Sullins) – 3rd Place

Annaleigh M. (Sullins) – 2nd Place

Alexander A. (Letterhos) - 1st Place


4TH Grade          

Elizabeth K. (Myers) - 3rd Place

Miles S. (Maestas/Salas) - 2nd Place

Evan R. (Myers) – 1st Place 


5TH Grade

Gideon W. (Self) - 3rd Place

Kajsia W. (Griswold) - 2nd Place

Aiden H. (Gomez) - 1st Place



Darren S. (Young) – cover winner