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EA Appreciation Day - March 3
Posted 2/22/21

March 3rd is EA Appreciation Day.  Our educational assistants are so important to us at GOK! Please consider sharing with them how much they are appreciated by you and your child.  A collection bin will be in the foyer for you to bring by a special treat that we can share with them on March 3rd.  As a reminder, you can find ideas of the things they like by checking out the Staff Likes List.


EA List


Works with Teacher(s)

Peggy Hanks

Denise Denis

Jessica Lejeune

Teresa Christian

Kayla Anderson

Emily Murphy

Kelley Cahall-Ulibarri

Alison Kierst

Beatriz Ruiz-Jara

Kelly Mitchell and Susan Mathews

Danica Montgomery

Michelle Kuechmann and Roby Myers

Illiana Smith

Lynzie Camera and Angie Wood

Karen Laun

Lynzie Camera and Angie Wood

Nicole Rael

Maria Anderson and Angie Wood

Rosemary Taormina

Heather Macneil

Janene Hanosh

Angie Wood

Gale Hutchinson

Michelle Kuechmann

Alicia Owen

Susan Mathews

Cory Calvert

Makerspace- all students

Lisa Galbreath

Redirector- all students

Blair Clayburgh

Health Assistant- all students